Welcome to Greendrafts.com. Here is a selection of our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to click on one to discover more.

What is Greendrafts?

Simply put, Greendrafts is a platform for new writing.

Greendrafts wants to build a community for people to share their new pieces of writing, for people to read and to give feedback on.

Greendrafts accepts any work from plays to short stories, from poems to movie scripts. We are particularly interested in unfinished work, work that is in its infancy and work that was completed a long time ago but hasn’t been published or shared.

How do I become a member of Greendrafts.com

Greendrafts.com is a completely free community and you can become a member by clicking here



What is the Activity Stream? And how do I access it?

The Activity Stream is a wall of activity which is updated by members of Greendrafts.com. This activity includes:

  • Whenever a new member joins Greendrafts.
  • Any comments made by Greendrafts members.
  • Any new writing uploads submitted by Greendrafts members.
  • Plus much more including profile updates from other Greendrafts users.

The Activity Stream can be only be accessed by members of greendrafts.com. Any non-members will be re-directed to the sign up page if they click on ‘activity’. You can become a Greendrafts member by clicking here

How do I upload a new piece of writing?

You can upload a piece of writing by firstly becoming a member of Greendrafts. You can do that by clicking here

For instructions on how to upload new writing please click here

I have become a member and want to update my profile… how?

When you become a member of Greendrafts you receive a profile which you can use to update information about yourself and how to upload your work. (You are not obligated to fill out this profile if you wish to remain anonymous or just wish to use the site to upload new writing – but we do believe that the more identifiable you are the more other users may want to communicate with you…)

Click here for instructions to update your profile.

Click here to learn how to upload a new piece of writing.

Is my material safe from plagiarism, theft, fair use, etc?

There is only one answer to this: No.

We regretfully have to inform any members of the site that your ideas and talent are under threat by any visitor to the site. Unfortunately this is an unavoidable consequence of a website such as Greendrafts. We advise any writer to copyright their material before uploading but we cannot guarantee that your work will not be stolen or used by other members. You can report to us if you think this is the case on greendraftsinfo@gmail.com  and we will investigate any accusations of plagiarism.

Can I report abusive behaviour?

Greendrafts does not accept any abusive behaviour.

The Activity Stream is monitored on a daily basis and if any abusive behaviour is identified members will be excluded from the site.

Any abusive behaviour can also be reported to greendraftsinfo@gmail.com

What does Greendrafts do with my personal information? (GDPR)

At Greendrafts we promise not to share any personal details (including names and email addresses) with any third party. However, we cannot be held responsible for any members sharing their details with other members. Your email address will always be held privately unless you wish to share it with another member(s) through the activity stream or through private messaging.


This page is constantly updated so please submit any queries to greendraftsinfo@gmail.com